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    May-2017 : Project Award
    FTE, as a sub consultant to CDM Smith was awarded Traffic & Revenue Consultant contract with the Lee County.
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    April-2017 : Project Award
    FTE was awarded District Wide Highway Statistics Data contract with district 7.
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    April-2017 : Project Award
    FTE, as a sub consultant to HNTB was awarded Traffic Engineering Consultant contract for ATMS-ITS with the Pinellas County.
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    April-2017 : Project Award
    FTE, as a sub consultant to Hanson was awarded the DW Minor Design and Review contract with district 3.


Ben Newman, P.E. - Project Manager (Engineering Department), City of North, Florida
I want to express my appreciation of the competence and professionalism displayed by your firm relative to the traffic analysis and traffic signal system design for the price Boulevard/Chamberlain Boutevard Intersection Improvements Project. Also, your firm's detailed analysis and timely responses, relative to proposed developments impacts to the City's transportation network, have been very helpful throughout their review and approval process.

Gregg R. Strakaluse, P.E. - Engineering Manager, City of Naples, Florida
Your firm has been providing engineering services to the City of Naples for our new Pavement Management Program. As we enter the final stage of completion, I can attest to you firm's high level of effort in collecting data and preparing a comprehensive work program that will be used by the City well into the future. Your firm's experience, diligence and reasonable fe for services have made this project a success.

Gates Castle, P.E. - Director of Public Works, City of Sanibel, Florida
We are please to provide a letter of reference based on the work that your firm performed for the City of Sanibel in September 2007 to conduct traffic counts throughout the Island. You and your staff were competent, timely, met the City's expectations for deliverable and met all timeless set forth in the contract. Not only did the end product, The Traffic Count Report, fulfill the contractual requirements, your firm stayed within the budget requirements of the contract.

Stephen M.Jansen, P.E. P.T.O.E - Senior Traffic Engineer, Lee County Public Works, Florida
Florida Transportation Engineering (FTE) has worked for Lee County Traffic Section conducting traffic data collection.

The work product they have submitted is prompt, complete and of good quality.